No “Woe is Me”

Life will throw you around.
At least in the past few weeks it has tossed me.
But I’m sitting here, at my bank with a kind banker fixing my fumbled up checking account, and I feel really content.
More than that.

It’s been really great since my purse got snatched from me and since I finally recovered from that horrible, cold-flu thing.


I let go.

I let it go.

I did it without reciting a quote from Pinterest, I full heartedly let go of what I can’t control.

Instead of shaking in a corner, sweating, worrying about getting evicted for being late for just one rent payment…(which isn’t true) I let it go.

I knew that worrying about it wouldn’t change anything, plus there are worse things that could be happening to me.
My friend, the Boston Stoker espresso machine fix-it man, stopped into my work the week of the incident and we started talking about life and he mentioned his philosophy.

Simply enough, he stated that he doesn’t allow anything that he cannot control affect his emotions and reactions. What’s the point? Don’t freak out.

And like I used to always tell myself, things always turn out okay eventually and really I’ve been very fortunate in my life.

So this event that gave me a financial headache and made me wonder why people would do such things or why the world would drive anyone to do so-

Actually changed my mind for the better.

Recharged almost I’m seeing anything can happen.

Anything to anyone anytime.


That means me.

So no “woe is me”.

Just standing up after knock downs.

It is life. It is yours. It is mine.

All events are configured individually for each person in my belief.

There is a connecting of the dots somewhere I’m sure of it.

So anyway events, fiascos, big or small, they’re going to happen.

We can’t be ready for all of them but we can act accordingly.

Yada, yada, blah, blah, don’t give up & don’t worry.

Everything will be fine.


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