It Doesn’t Matter

This culture, this society, is becoming one based around our successes or lack thereof. Faces in our phones, keeping up with the Jones’. We can be pretty faces and get by. But it is especially well if people around us believe we are successful. Our own anxieties are caused on our desire to please others. […]

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Hard to Face

I took the responsibility and every emotion I could ever feel came back to me. I went numb for so many months because I became something I wasn’t. I became high & mighty. Because my intentions were good- I couldn’t do anything wrong. I was wrong. That’s hard to face.

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Now I Get It

Far further gotten than I have gotten it before…   Proper English?   Anyway, what I now do understand more than I ever have is this crushing, self suffocating, anxiety that many people, especially my loved ones, go through. So before my message had rung true, I will stand by it. I would have told […]

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Riding Your Bike at Night

Worn down. Eyes drooping. Body is sore. Soul is warm. Heart is full. Mind is contemplative. In an introspective way I search myself and I find that all of this doesn’t matter. We could be living our lives for no reason.. But the process is something. The process is purpose enough. I am in a […]

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No “Woe is Me”

Life will throw you around. At least in the past few weeks it has tossed me. But I’m sitting here, at my bank with a kind banker fixing my fumbled up checking account, and I feel really content. More than that. It’s been really great since my purse got snatched from me and since I […]

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