Riding Your Bike at Night

Worn down. Eyes drooping. Body is sore. Soul is warm. Heart is full. Mind is contemplative. In an introspective way I search myself and I find that all of this doesn’t matter. We could be living our lives for no reason.. But the process is something. The process is purpose enough. I am in a […]

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No “Woe is Me”

Life will throw you around. At least in the past few weeks it has tossed me. But I’m sitting here, at my bank with a kind banker fixing my fumbled up checking account, and I feel really content. More than that. It’s been really great since my purse got snatched from me and since I […]

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Write Everything

I just want to write about all of the things. Things that happen, the way I view things, things that cause the mind to stir. I am no one of fame or societal importance but I have always wanted to write a sort of autobiography, just because of how strange my life can be. I […]

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Everything is alright & will be

What’s going to happen, what’s happening, what am I doing? Relax. I tell myself. My insides are raging daily with these thoughts. But you know what I’ve noticed? It’s never been such a big deal that it has ruled my life, my days. I’m sitting here uncertain about my decisions and how things are going […]

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A Dull Pencil is Pointless

“I wish I didn’t have anything to worry about.”  You don’t. You actually don’t. Now you can tell me you’re worried about something out of your control, that’s understandable. I can very much sympathize and know there are some horrible things people go though and each day they even be wondering if it is their […]

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My best friend asked me what I thought of her, and how blessed I am to know these things are true. One day I want to think, ah yes, that was my best friend. Our souls will always be.   “I think of someone who is sure of herself, the attitude of not letting people […]

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