I just

Decided there was nothing more I needed. One day I woke up and realized kisses on the cheek from my granma were far more important than cold kisses from someone careless. One day I decided that looking up at the evening sky with my best of friends was far more delightful than some temporary guy […]

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A Bird Out of a Cafe

First written as a typo, forever now a statement. Being a bird out of a cage is one thing; confined, trapped in a space and finally breaking free with the freedom to do as you wish, go where you want to go. I broke this down jokingly and it blossomed into a new favorite metaphor […]

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Deep into the Mountain Sound

I just returned recently from the greatest trip of my life. Far more influential for me than when I moved to North Carolina even. As one of the fellows from our group of 9 said on Friday night of our week long journey, around the campfire, “Guys…we climbed a freaking mountain.” This has stuck with me […]

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I glared at her, held my eyes fixed on hers and said “I’m 22 and I have been doing this for three years, trust me, (huff of breath) I know.” It is no secret that one of the things that grinds my gears the most is being undermined, especially by those younger than I. I’m not sure why […]

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