& You’ve Just Got to Know

You’ve just got to know that life is all about these crazy happenings. When you’re sitting there with your head in your hands, I want you to please, please remember that everything you’re going through will make sense. There is so much to you. There is so much to each of us. The weird thing […]

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I just

Decided there was nothing more I needed. One day I woke up and realized kisses on the cheek from my granma were far more important than cold kisses from someone careless. One day I decided that looking up at the evening sky with my best of friends was far more delightful than some temporary guy […]

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A Bird Out of a Cafe

First written as a typo, forever now a statement. Being a bird out of a cage is one thing; confined, trapped in a space and finally breaking free with the freedom to do as you wish, go where you want to go. I broke this down jokingly and it blossomed into a new favorite metaphor […]

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Deep into the Mountain Sound

I just returned recently from the greatest trip of my life. Far more influential for me than when I moved to North Carolina even. As one of the fellows from our group of 9 said on Friday night of our week long journey, around the campfire, “Guys…we climbed a freaking mountain.” This has stuck with me […]

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