Wish You Would Learn to Love People & Use Things Not the Other Way Around


Why is it that more and more we are striving after what we want and stepping on people to get what we want?

Its not okay to hurt someone to get what you want. I don’t care if you believe in morals or not. It’s not okay.

Pulling someone into your life long enough to convenience you & then pushing them out when you have gotten what you wanted.

No. That’s not okay.

People are not things. People are not only collected moments and memories.

Just as you feel, so do they.

So if you are going to be dishonest with someone, don’t.

What is the blanket-blank point in bringing someone in and getting them emotionally involved just to turn away?

Get out of that habit of using people.

Get it in your head that we all matter and if you’re going to be a sketchy person, be up front about being a sketchy person. Don’t pretend to care so much for someone just to get what you want, leave that person alone. Go for someone who also does not care.








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Acceptance For What is & Living Beyond Our Emotions

If you have held a conversation with me at all since August chances are I have told you, probably excitably, that I am taking a philosophy class this semester. And for those of you who know me, you know this is right up my alley. I never realized just how great it would be to take a course like this though, one that really challenges you to think differently or one that has you question what you have always known, just to get you thinking, wondering.

One topic we have covered this week is truth.

“People behave and act not according to what the truth may be, but to what they believe the truth might be.”

Basically, how I have understood this, is that we will believe the “truth” for how we see it. We will speak to ourselves these absolute “truths”.

I have told myself that things are a certain way and I will believe it because I have said it to myself over and over and of course, through experiences that seem familar, I just “know” what will happen again based upon what has happened before.

There are “truths” we are so sure about because when it comes time to defend what we know we are quick to back up our statements, “I know this because what I have seen.”, “It is going to happen this way because it sounds like something that already has, I know from experience.”

Each person has experiences all their own, all different. Each person learns from different upbringings. Each person has their own truth or how they see the truth.

And then there is just the truth. The truth as it is. The reality.

You may have heard something and not liked the way it sounded.

Ever hear the phrase “the truth hurts” ?

It does hurt, sometimes. It hurts if we let it and we do not accept it for not only just what it is, but for every component in and around that truth.

Let’s say that you’ve been cheated on. Either your emotions will negatively dictate how you take that or you could accept that it happened and that there could be simple or valid reasons as to why this has happened. And since you know the truth and you have common sense you will not return to that situation. Or you could let your emotions control you again and you could bend the reality to fit what you want it to be. You could believe that everything is fine when it isn’t because you reflect on “how things used to” and you do not want to think about your significant other lying to you even if they are.

I know that was probably personal for some and I apologize, there are many circumstances in which we allow ourselves to be ruled by what we feel rather than what is actually true. That was just one of many examples of how we may not want something to be true even though it is.

“Give me strength to accept the things I cannot change.”

My new philosophy is to accept events for what they are. I don’t want to lie to myself, I also don’t want to rely solely on my knowledge.  My immaturity lies in not accepting certain news when I hear it, I often will try to fight it, change it. That is an endless battle though. Sometimes you do not receive answers, sometimes plans fail, sometimes things take a 180 turn and you never saw it coming. The ideal response? Acceptance. You won’t fully be happy if you keep chasing after things that will never come to you. You’ll never be happy pouting around about unexpected happenings. You’ll never be happy trying to change something back to the way it was.  Because no two things happen the same way twice anyway.

You could get bummy and automatically assume no guy/girl is going to love you because the last five didn’t. You could get prideful and protective of your own heart, so much that you do not care if that means hurting anyone else’s. You could believe that you cannot trust anyone because you have been lied to, etc.


You could accept truth for what it is.

There is so much more happiness in that and sure there is pain in the initial moment of hearing the truth sometimes, but it is only because of our own expectations.

This acceptance helps us later on when we are faced with new experiences, we can understand that things are different all the time, the same good or bad things that have happened before to us won’t necessarily happen again. Therefore with acceptance you can move on and you can live fully and take chances that could impact you for the rest of your life.

With that being said, on the topic of emotions and so forth, I came across that classic post “Do not cross oceans for people that would not cross puddles for you’ No. do cross oceans for people, love deeply, life and love isn’t about what you gain but what you give.”

This hit me on top of all this too because emotions and feelings are wonderful and real believe me on that.

But when focused on ourselves these emotions can hinder us from giving to others, from living fully.

Don’t get locked away by your pride, guilt, fear, sorrow. Be free in the fact that yes, yes you have been hurt before. Yes you would rather it not happen again. But you cannot live truly by constantly protecting yourself and fearing getting hurt. It’s going to happen regardless unless you live in a bubble somewhere on an abandoned island…or something like that.

So you may as well give your all, don’t be mediocre in your love, in your life. Please remember that not every person out on the street is out to get you. Please remember we are all souls and just as you feel, so does the person next to you. You can live beyond emotion by not allowing it to control you, but by perhaps once again, acceptance.

Rest easy friends.






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A Bird Out of a Cafe

First written as a typo, forever now a statement.

Being a bird out of a cage is one thing; confined, trapped in a space and finally breaking free with the freedom to do as you wish, go where you want to go.

I broke this down jokingly and it blossomed into a new favorite metaphor of mine.

Think of a café, comfortable, you could sit there for hours on end, perhaps you’d never want to leave.

What if in the middle of this calm environment where everyone else around you is content, you want something more.

Ambition and wonders are stirring inside you. So you leave.

That’s the thing about a bird out of a café vs. a cage, a café these birds can leave anytime they want, it’s just whether or not they do.

I have a spontaneous soul, maybe it gets me into trouble, but all I have seen is it has allowed me to experience so much. To me this is very important while I live this life.

There is nothing wrong with staying stagnant or being happy with where you are and not wanting to change it. That happiness is important too.

I’ve said I am happy wherever, which is true, I just also want to keep trying, doing, and be everything I want to be.

I say yes to a lot of opportunities and I like to try new things because one day I’ll be able to say yes, I. lived. I came. I saw. I loved. I lived. Life to me is a beautiful mystery, we won’t figure it out until we are gone. So until then I intend to enjoy it, whole-heartedly.

Everything that comes with it.

I do not want to put money before travel.

I do not want to be afraid.

I want to embrace my every day. Whether that means I stay in town or  travel the world. I want to break from the norm, from my quiet corner of comfort for as long as I shall live.

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Deep into the Mountain Sound

I just returned recently from the greatest trip of my life. Far more influential for me than when I moved to North Carolina even.

As one of the fellows from our group of 9 said on Friday night of our week long journey, around the campfire, “Guys…we climbed a freaking mountain.”

This has stuck with me since it was said.

Deep into the wilderness of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, my best friend and I were constantly in disbelief we were actually there.

We would pause in our exhausting (at times painful) hike and look around as we were surrounded by mountains and pines of incredible heights, somewhere I’ve always wanted to be.

We would pause and say “…we’re in Colorado..” and still I cannot believe we received this opportunity.

By the end of the trip I was happy to come home because I wanted to share my stories, I was exhausted, and like a baby I missed my bed. What is so important though is after I got home I immediately became filled with such bliss and thanksgiving. It finally hit me. We were in Colorado. And we climbed “a freaking mountain.”

This experience is one that I’ll have with me forever. I learned how to push past pain and limits. I obtained a stronger endurance. I spent time with people I did not know and through being together and looking out for each other for a week, we became a family. With no , or barely, contact with society or people from our personal lives, we just had each other.

How blessed are to have had even the chance to climb a mountain. To camp under the stars. To make friends with very different yet all very wonderful people. To learn you do not need much more than what you can carry on your back to be happy. To see breathtaking views and realize how small you really are but how mighty God is to create such a place.

I am still in awe. Anytime you accomplish something huge you should feel unstoppable. Encouraged.

Like the metaphor of climbing a mountain, except the coolest thing is, we actually, literally did just that.



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I glared at her, held my eyes fixed on hers and said “I’m 22 and I have been doing this for three years, trust me, (huff of breath) I know.”

It is no secret that one of the things that grinds my gears the most is being undermined, especially by those younger than I.

I’m not sure why it is, I mean I’m smart but it is not like I am extraordinarily skilled at what I do.

But oh I am quick to ‘stick up for myself’ in these conversations. I’ve always said you can call me ugly, ridicule my art, call me whatever, but do. not. treat. me. like. I am. stupid.

Knowledge is less important to me than wisdom though.

In that instance of “fighting back” I fail myself. It does not even matter how smart I really am if I cannot keep my mouth shut nor cease to be easily offended.

I do not want to be entitled. I do not want to care much about my pride. I let it go.



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We Were Not Created to Hate One Another◘

Oh but does the universe not revolve around ourselves?

Are we not the protagonist in the story?

Are we not the only ones who could possibly have feelings?

We separate ourselves from each other by building this imaginary bubble around ourselves.

Anyone who comes in contact with us is another cool influence on OUR lives. Oh look, a new friend to add to my list of friends, now I have that much more. Yes. Add to MY life. Build ME up. I need it. I could use you so bad. But if you hurt me, I will drop you like a hat and suddenly I do not need you. I will move onto the next candidate.

What is this? What are we doing?

Collecting people like items or disregarding them like yesterday’s garbage.

Well no wonder, we can no longer relate.

In this event of pretending our life matters so much more than anyone else and that our heart’s are the most important, we abandon the love we could give to everyone else.

And wouldn’t the world benefit from a little selflessness.

My heart explodes when I am able to give.

My bitterness grows into an ugly, ugly monster when I give into pointing all of my focus upon myself. I become sicker and sicker in selfishness and in a downward spiral I ruin what I could possibly be, I ruin what someone else could be. By being a hate-filled fool I disregard other’s lives and I prove to them I do not care and I falsely show them they are worthless to me.

No one deserves to get their heart broken. No one intends to break hearts. If we would view each other as equals we would understand one another much better. We would realize the person sitting next to us in class, at that meeting, on the bus, at that coffee shop, has a life too and a unique story all their own.

You see I myself find it interesting, I do not mind if you are rich or poor, had a horrible childhood or a great one, work or do not work, pursue school or not, do drugs, or do not.

At the end of the day the bottom line is, WE. ARE. THE. SAME.

We are all people with different paths and stories, which makes us unique. So yes. Feel special, very special. We are not completely the same, just in the fact that we all live under the same sky.

But I tell you, if we could give the person with the speech imedement our patience, if we could acknowledge the elderly who may have no one else to talk to, if we could completely make it a blessing not a curse to have so many different nationalities and skin tones, maybe we could come together. We were created to be companions on the same earth. Maybe world peace is impossible. But maybe world toleration or compassion for the most part…is achievable.

One thing is for sure.




to love.

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It is all amazing, funny, and interesting. The things we go through in a year’s, well our lifetimes.

The events that change us. How we feel about ourselves then, how we feel now.

My mind started flashbacking recently to last year. I started thinking about how I was of course, me, but also someone else. The emotions I felt back then, the priorities I had…they were just so different than they are now.


I was so caught up in different things it is just crazy to me to think I feel differently a year later. They weren’t stupid things. Even if in some aspects I am more mature, experienced, those feelings were not stupid. They had to be. Events had to occur to bring together everything that is happening at this very moment.


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